The Bob Brink organization was incorporated in 1978 by the company’s founder, Robert S. Brink. At that time, we owned and operated three trucks and employed five people. We were a total truckload carrier, transporting produce mainly from the West Coast. Today, the situation is completely reversed, transporting ninety-six percent of our freight in LTL quantities, and the rest in truckloads. We specialize in transporting temperature controlled plastic and composite material, including hazardous materials, for the aerospace and defense industries. We no longer transport any food products.

Bob Brink Incorporated currently employs 45 people, most of whom enjoy a long tenure with the company. Our terminals are located in Winona, MN (the location of our home office) and Paramount, CA. Today, our fleet consists of 25 tractors and more than 33 trailers, each 48 – 53 feet long and 102 inches wide.

We are an ICC regulated common carrier with irregular route authority that covers the entire continental United States. There are some weight restrictions to off line points. Please call our home office for a copy of these points. We maintain $1,000,000 liability insurance and $250,000 cargo insurance policies.

Bob Brink Incorporated has been fully computerized since around 1986, which has truly streamlined our operation from the old days. The routing, billing and tariffs are handled within this system. The tracing of any product is handled directly with the driver on a daily basis which is an extremely efficient tracing method to ascertain where your products are at a given moment. The innovations we have incorporated into our small company have been extremely effective and worthwhile.

There are 2 people in our operations department. We have a complete hazardous materials department, with the manager trained by the Government Services Institute, the industry leader in hazardous materials rule and regulations. All of our equipment is serviced and repaired in our own facility. The maintenance department consists of 3 full time mechanics and the supervisor. We are long on longevity and experience in all areas. Call 800-533-8054 for information on these departments.

At Bob Brink Incorporated, we are proud of what has been achieved in a relatively short period of time. Our company is viable and financially strong. As a specialized carrier we are working to improve our service, equipment and operational function. With these goals in mind, we will continue to achieve the customer and employee satisfaction that we aspire to deliver.