Student Driver / Trainee Pay Rate

Trainees who are sent with a Senior Driver will be paid a wage of $650 per week until such time as it is decided by Senior Operator/Trainer that you are qualified to be in a regular fleet position. This may mean going out several times with several different Senior Operator/Trainers in order to assess that you have a complete understanding of company policies, driving familiarity and a well-rounded understanding of driver/company policies and issues.

Reimbursement for Truck Driving School

If you have gone to truck driving school prior to your employment with BBI, or you are finishing up truck driving school while in the employment of BBI, we will reimburse you up to $1,000 for school tuition.

You must be here a least 180 days as an over-the-road driver to qualify for this program, at which time we will reimburse you at a rate of $100 per month up to $1,000.

Proof of tuition due/paid by student/employee in the form of a copy of original billing from the truck driving school will be required to qualify for reimbursement. Please give a copy of this to the Safety Department.

Vacation Pay

  • Each full-time employee will receive FIVE DAYS paid vacation after being employed SIX MONTHS consecutively. Vacation pay is based on average miles for previous six months or average miles for 1 year full time employment.
  • After you have been employed full-time for ONE YEAR you will receive FIVE DAYS paid vacation. This will continue at 5 days per year until you reach your third year of full time employment.
  • After THREE consecutive years, full time, you will receive 15 days paid vacation. This will stay the same until you reach TEN consecutive years.
  • When you reach TEN YEARS full-time you will receive 20 days paid vacation.
  • At TWENTY YEARS full-time employment with BBI, you will have earned 25 days of paid vacation.

Holiday Pay

You must be here a period of ONE year from your anniversary date to be eligible for Holiday pay. The following are recognized Holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day

Drivers will receive, after employment for 1 year, $100 per Holiday recognized.

Retirement Savings Plan – 401K

(401K) Bob Brink Incorporated Retirement Savings Plan was established to help the employee build toward financial security at retirement. The plan provides a means for you to save money on a pretax basis as well as to receive contributions from the Corporation. Eligibility for the plan is one year employment. (See controller for complete summary for plan)

Health Insurance

Our Company offers group health insurance after 90 DAYS of full-time employment. If you elect to take our health insurance, it will start the first day of the following month that you have been employed 60 days. Enrollment forms are available from the insurance coordinator. *Not available to part-time or seasonal employees.

Life Insurance

You will be enrolled for life insurance after 180 DAYS of employment. This will go into effect the same way that health insurance is handled. Please obtain a Beneficiary form from the insurance coordinator. $15,000 coverage. *Not available to part-time or seasonal employees.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is available after you have been employed 180 DAYS. This will also go into effect the same way as the health insurance plan. Enrollment forms are available from the insurance coordinator. *Not available to part-time or seasonal employees.

Accident/Disability Insurance

You may enroll in a variety of insurance programs after 180 DAYS of employment. See office insurance coordinator for details. *Not available to part-time or seasonal employees.